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What is watchdog and how to remove it

Some antivirus program detected the program watchdog as a threat for the computer. The program installs in the computer with the free application and thus the developer of the program earn revenue. This is a virus and you should trust this application. The program demands itself a good working application and do not trust the application. You will get false messages from the computer. It is a fake antivirus program. If you run in this program, the program will ask you to buy the full version of the application. However, you should not pay a single penny for this application. You should start working in order to remove the application from the computer. Otherwise, your computer will face different new problems in the computer and browsers.
You need to remove the Windows Internet Watchdog virus from PC. You need to access the control panel of the computer and remove the program. After that you need to use ccleaner for fixing the registry from the computer and use a good antivirus for your computer. You should use the antivirus for cleaning the computer and if the antivirus is updated, then you can clean the computer. If the antivirus cannot remove th virus, then you can use multiple antivirus one after one for cleaning the computer.