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What is spigot and how to remove it

You should keep your computer protected and you need to keep your computer clean from all unwanted programs. It is detected that with the free applications, program spigot gets access in the computer. This program spigot is a malware or potentially unwanted program. This PUP is designed to protect its bundled application and to confirm they continue installed or untouched by another third party programs. It creates registry and change setting in the computer after entry in the current user. This PUP will allow the program to automatically run each time it is rebooted.??It accesses your all browsers of the computer what is another serious risk for the computer users. You cannot use any browser due to this PUP. This program enters in the computer with free applications and redirects to a site. Settings from the browsers are also changed. Do not use search page of the changed site.
You need to remove the program from the computer and browsers. That is why, you should trust on the adware and malware removal program. You can use popular antivirus for removing the program from the computer. You should remove the plugin related with the program spigot and reset the browsers. Now you can use the browsers safely.