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What is leperdvil and how to remove it

The malware leperdvil sets plugin in the browsers and the browsers redirects to a site leperdvil.com. The malware program controls the browsers and sets setting in the browser. You cannot change any setting from browsers. This program is a threat for all of the browsers of mac and Windows computers. All popular browsers do not work properly if the program gets into the computer and browsers. Mainly with the free applications any computer threat get access in the computer. Once it enters in the computer, it helps more unwanted programs to get access in your computer. That is why, when you install any free application, you should be careful and you should not install free applications until you check the bundle applications.
For cleaning the computer and making the browsers smoother like before you have to use malware removal program what you will get for free. Now download the malware and adware removal program for cleaning the computer and browsers. If you find the browsers are not working after cleaning the computer, you need to check the browsers and detect any unwanted plugin is ruining in the browsers or not. If you find any plugin what is suspicious, then remove it and reset the browsers.