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What is friendly socket and how to remove it

Adware programs are available in different names and friendly socket is a name of a browser hijacker. If this adware program gets your PC, then the browsers of the computer do not behave well enough. You need to fix the computer and browsers if you want to work in the computer and browsers. Different problems will come in the computer if the adware program starts running in your computer. First, the adware program will be redirected to the site friendlysocket.com and do not click on the website. You cannot use the browsers due to the redirection to the website friendlysocket.com and if you click on the website, many programs may download in the computer. This program is a browser hijacker what changes settings in the browsers and pass all information from the browsers to the hijackers.
It is necessary to remove the adware program from the computer and make the browsers safe. You need to use an adware removal program for cleaning the computer and browsers. Once you have removed the adware program from the computer, you need to check the browsers and if you find the adware plugin in the browsers, you need to remove it. Now reset the browsers and you can use all browsers.