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What is driver update and how to remove it

If you get driver update messages from your computer, then you should not let any program to download in the computer. You are getting the message continuously; you should use this computer until you fix the problem. Microsoft Windows does not give any message in this ways what you are experiencing. You should not let the program run what is mainly liable for the messages. The driver update message is a cause of a malware program and you should not use this program in the computer. If you follow the messages and download any update, then you will get some new problems and your computer is not perfect for work.
The program malware is the responsible for the fake message. You should not keep this program and you need to use adware and malware removal program for cleaning the computer. Once you have cleaned the computer, your computer is safe to work and I am sure that you will get any more messages of driver update from your computer.
You should also remove the application what has brought the unwanted program in the computer. If you do not remove that application, you will face the same problem again and again.