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is true key a virus and how to remove

True Key is an application what has been developed by Intel and this application has come in your computer with your permission. You may have downloaded the application from Intel or MacAfee site or you have installed Adobe Flash Player in the computer and then you have chosen optional offers. Under the optional offer, you will get MacAfee security scan plus tool and True key by Intel Security. With the Adobe Flash Player, the application true key may come in the computer. True key is a safe program for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
If the application true key is not a virus and it is a safe program what you may use in the computer. If you are thinking to remove the program from the computer, then you have nothing to worry and you do not need to take any hassle. You can remove the program from Program and Feature. You will get Program and Feature option from Control panel option and select the “Intel Security True key” and remove the program. For uninstallation, the program, it may take time and within few seconds the program will be uninstalled. If you want to secure the passwords, then you can keep the program in the computer.

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