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is searchlock safe and how to remove

Searchlock is an application and this application works like a genuine application but it is not. When it comes in the computer, then it shows that it keeps your internet search safe and protected but truth is different. This program is an unwanted program and it is not really a trusted program. This program is a browser hijacker and your privacy in the browsers remain unprotected. If you want keep the computer safe and secured, then you should not trust any 3rd party application. You should check the developer of the program and then you may install the program. Do not browse any site what is not trusted or contain malware program.
So, you have already understood that the program searchlock is not safe. That is why, you should remove the program from the computer. You need to remove the Searchlock related application and remove Searchlock from the PC. You may use malware removal program what will help you to find the infected application and file. Now remove the infected files. You may use antivirus program in the computer and make the PC safer zone for work. If you think that Searchlock is removed , then you can do your work safely in the PC.

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