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is reimage a virus and how to remove

Reimage is a name of an application and this application is used for keeping the computer safe by repairing. This program is developed for Windows, and mobiles devices. If you want to see your computer running faster and remove virus from the computer, then you may use Reimage. Reimage is an application what can be downloaded from official website of Reimage. You need to use this program for scanning the computer and solving various issues from the computer. It is completely free program. You may find the program Reimage as “scareware”. Because many people have no idea about this application. You may buy the full version of the application for getting full support from this program. The program Reimage is not installed automatically. It has come in the computer after you have installed.
Is reimage a virus? No, it is a not virus and it does work like a virus. By this application, you can solve problems of computer easily. If you do not like to use this application and you want to remove, then you need to go to program feature or add or remove program from the control panel. Now select the Reimage program and uninstall the program from the computer. Now you will not get any file of Reimage.

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