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How to remove Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been Blocked

Your computer is infected by malware program and that is why you are getting different messages and your computer is restarting often. You may get this message like “Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been Blocked”. This message is a false message and you should worry about it. You will get a phone number, if you make a call to the number, then the caller will ask money from you. This is a way of earning money. However, you should be careful and do not pay attention to the spammer. If you provide him, then he will not help you. You should solve this problem by yourself and solve this problem is also easy.
How to remove Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been Blocked? You need to restart the computer and run the computer in safe mode. Now scan the computer with an antivirus and the antivirus will clean the computer from all infection. If you have installed any application recently, then you should uninstall that application too. Now run the computer in normal mode and restore the computer. Now your will find the computer safe and secured. If reinstall the Windows in the computer, then it will be safer and be careful when you install any other program.

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