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How to remove worm-lnk.lodbak.gen

When you are not happy form the computer’s performance, then you should check the computer. If your computer is infected by any virus like lnk.lodbak.gen, then your computer will not perform well. This program is a threat for the Mac and Windows computer. Different problems occur from one virus. The virus may enter in the computer with spam mail or from removable drive. You should work in the computer for solving the problem if you want to use the computer. Now your computer is not safe at all and you should use any browsers. If the program has set spyware plugin, then you cannot work in the browsers.
You should be careful if any unwanted program runs in the computer and it has bad impact on the browsers. You have to clean the computer and browsers for working. You cannot use the browsers or use computer until you take action in the computer. You need to use antivirus program for cleaning the computer. You should download any popular antivirus and scan the computer with the antivirus. You should not trust any program what you do not know actually. There are some false antivirus program available and do not use any of those what will bring more unwanted program in the computer.