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How to remove windowalerting.com scam

When you are redirecting to any specific site from most of the browsers and you cannot work in the computer or browsers for different problems, you can guess that your computer is not appropriate for work. You need to check the computer. Perhaps, your computer is infected by the unwanted program what may be the cause of the pop up or browser redirection cause. If you see pop up or redirect to the site windowalerting.com scam, your computer may have got the adware or malware program what are liable for the pop up or browse auto a website. You cannot work in this computer until you get solution for cleaning the computer and make the browsers free from unwanted program’ control.
If this program enters in the computer in anyway, you need to remove that program or content. You may need to uninstall the application if you have installed any application. After removing the content, you should check the browsers and if you find that any unknown plugin is running the browsers, remove that plugin and reset the browsers. Now you have nothing to do. You need to use an adware and malware removal program for cleaning the computer and making the computer trouble free.