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How to remove win32.trojan.wisdomeyes

Trojan is a common threat for the computer users and if any computer is not alert or do not care what he installs in the computer, then any Trojan or any unwanted programs may come in the computer. This program is a serious threat for the computer. Do not let the program work in the computer and the program win32.trojan.wisdomeyes is a virus and Trojan what is also noted as an adware program. You need to secure the computer and because the program is a malware program. If you know that how the program has come in the computer, then you should remove the program from the program what has brought the program in the computer. Due to this program, your computer is insecure. In this insecure PC, you should not work in the computer. You must fix the computer and you should clean the computer before you work.
The program win32.trojan.wisdomeyes is not easy to remove and in this reason, you should start the computer in safe mode. Now use an antivirus for cleaning the computer and make sure that the antivirus is updated. I hope, you can work in the computer now and you will not face any more problem in the computer.