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How to remove welevate

The program welevate is a wrong name and the correct name is elevate. The program is a serious program and it comes with the hack tool. You should not use any pirated application. Because the pirated applications need crack or hack tool for making the application active. Different programs need different ways for active by the hacking tool and security of the computer will be vulnerable. You should not use free applications. Different problems may occur from one program and you need to be careful. However, you should use genuine application for the computer.
However, if your computer is already infected, you should clean the computer. You should try to remove the program manually but it may not be possible always and that is why, you should use tools for removing the unwanted programs. You may try to remove the unwanted programs in both ways. You may need to run the computer in safe mode and you cannot clean many viruses in normal way. That is why, you should run the computer in safe mode and use all of the tools for removing this unwanted programs. I am sure that you can work in the computer now and you have nothing to worry.