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How to remove weathertool

Malware and adware programs are common threats for the computers. Different types of adware and malware programs are available and those programs get access in the computer via other applications. The program weathertool is a malware and from this application, the user will get experienced of pop up messages. It means that the program is working in the computer as an adware program. Some users do not take the adware program seriously and it seems that they do not take step for removing this program. It is found that the program may bring more program what will make more trouble for the computer users.
You need to clean the computer and remove this unwanted program from the computer. That is why, you may need to start the computer in safe mode and you should scan the computer with adware or malware program what you can download for free from different sources. If you know the content or application is responsible for the weathertool program, you should uninstall or remove the program. Now if you scan the computer, you will get a good result. You should not work in the computer until you properly clean the computer and make the browsers safe for working. You should reset the browsers for better performance.