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How to remove waiting for ap.lijit.com

Do not install any application or download any content from anywhere. If you use crack or hack tool in the computer, it is possible that your computer will face risk. Unwanted programs may come in the computer easily and may make trouble for the computer users. The security for the computer will be vulnerable. The adware program ap.lijit.com is a threat for the computer users and computer. This program can open doors for other applications or unwanted programs what are serious for the computer users. Primarily, you are redirecting to a site ap.lijit.com or you are getting advertisements or getting pop up messages. It is noted that the adware program also brings adware, malware program if the adware program gets chance to work in the computer for long time. I am sure that you do not want to get experience of anything bad. You should remove the adware program and make the computer safe for working.
How to remove the adware program? Remove the program what is directly connected with the adware program. If you have installed any free application and that application has brought the adware program in the computer, you need to remove it. Now remove adware plugin and scan the computer with adware removal program. Now you can work in the computer and use browsers.