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How to remove [email protected]

You should not run any unnecessary program in the computer. If you install any unknown program what is not trusted, then with the unknown application the ransomware program may come in the computer. If any ransomware is in the computer, you will get encrypted files in the computer and you cannot run any file from the computer. You will get message with an email address or phone number like [email protected] to contact with the developer. You cannot keep running the computer in normal mode. After giving the message, the PC will restart. If you contact with the developer, the developer asks you to send him money but truth is no guarantee you will get help from the developer. You may get different problems in the computer.
You should remove the ransomware and fix the problem from the computer. For removing the ransomware, you should run the computer in safe mode and you need to use an antivirus. You will get many free antivirus for cleaning the computer for free. You can use ransomware removal tool and for restoring the files, you need to decryption tool or you can restore the computer. After removing the ransomware, you should run the computer in normal mode and restore the computer.