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How to remove um.exe

UM.EXE is a type of EXE file related with the application Print House Magic and this program is developed by Corel Corporation for the Windows Operating System. This program is not a virus but it makes trouble in the computer for all Windows users. It is found that this program may damage the computer system from the windows file and that is why, you should not let the program. For some problems of the computer, the program is running from the Windows computer. You should remove the problem and that is why, you do not need to use any tool for cleaning the computer. You should scan the computer from command prompt and type the command “sfc /scannow” and press on the enter button from the keyboard. If the program UM.EXE is running due to any problem, then the problem will be solved.
The program UM.EXE is a serious program if any virus renamed to UM. If you cannot remove the program running from the computer, you should use an antivirus and use a malware removal program. Now your all problems should be gone from the computer and you have nothing to worry if you still find the problem in the computer. You just restore the Windows.