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How to remove trojan.win32.generic!bt

When you get problems in your computer and you are not satisfied of the performance of the computer, then your computer is infected by the unwanted program and you should not let run the program if you want to work in the computer happily. The program trojan.win32.generic!bt does not give you experience to work in the computer and this program may come in the computer with bundle application what you have installed in the computer. Usually, free applications are liable for pushing any unwanted program in the computer. From the infected websites, the program may come in the computer and you should be careful for this reason. The program trojan.win32.generic!bt can be more dangerous if you do not delete the program from the computer. Hackers may get access in your computer.
How to remove the program trojan.win32.generic!bt? You should detect the bundle application for removing the program trojan.win32.generic!bt from the computer. If you cannot detect the content or the bundle application, then this unwanted program may come in the computer. However, you should start the computer in safe mode and run an antivirus for cleaning the computer from the trojan.win32.generic!bt. You may use malware removal program for getting better results from your computer.