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How to remove trojan.multi.genautorunreg.a

The program trojan.multi.genautorunreg.a is a serious program and this program may make more trouble for the computer if you let it run in the computer. You should not let it work in the computer. This program enters in the computer with the free bundle applications like freeware and shareware. If you open attracted email without checking, then this unwanted program trojan.multi.genautorunreg.a may come in the computer. You should be careful when you install any application or download any program in the computer. You will get messages from the program and the developer will ask you to give him money and he will solve the problem but no guarantee that he will help you after getting money. This program is very dangerous and it is also a spyware. For this reason, you should not run this program and remove the program as soon as possible.
How to remove trojan.multi.genautorunreg.a from the computer? You should use spyware removal program and antimalware removal program. Now scan the computer with these tools and clean the computer. Your computer should be running properly and you should not use any trusted application in the computer. However, once you have removed program but problem is not solved, then you should restore the computer.