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How to remove trojan.kotver!gm2

The program kotver!gm2 is a Trojan and it is very serious program. Norton antivirus detected this virus and it is found in hacking the computer. This program can hack your computer and change the registry from the computer. This program makes your computer slower and it is found that the program utilizes the 75% memory from the computer. The computer may crash often and some programs may stop working when this Trojan runs from your computer. With the bundle applications, the program kotver!gm2 may come in the computer. If you visit any untrusted site and download anything from the site, then this Trojan or other types of unwanted programs may come in the computer.
The program kotver!gm2 can be removed easily. You can easily remove the program if you can use anti malware program. However, you should remove the bundle application or content from the computer. If you do not do this, then malware program may come in the computer again. The program kotver!gm2 should be removed with malware removal program like malwarebyte. Now you can use an antivirus for checking that the program did not bring more unwanted programs in the computer. If you find more problems, you restore the computer and get solution.