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How to remove torproject virus

Ransomware program is a serious program and you cannot run any application or open file or folder from the computer. If any ransomware infects your computer, your computer’s files and folders will be encrypted and you cannot run any file. You cannot run the computer in normal mode. Your PC will be restarted after showing a popup messages. The program torproject is a ransomware virus and this program will show the same problems from the computer if it infects the computer. You will get a bitcoin address when you are asked to send bitcoin. If you send the money, then the developer will help you to open the encrypted files and folders. However, the developer is a liar and you should not trust the developer.
You should remove the torproject immediately and you can remove the program with an antivirus or ransomware program and you have to do this in safe mode. If you are sure that your computer is free from ransomware infection, then you run the computer in normal mode. Now restore the computer and you will get a ransomware free computer. You can use decryption tool for encrypted files and get back your files and folders. However, you should use ransomware secured application.