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How to remove the proxy server is refusing connections

There are some confusing programs what are threat for the computer and user. Those programs are unwanted program and unwanted program may come in any computer with multiple ways. However, if you get error the proxy server is refusing connections from the browser, then you should check internet connection and if you getting internet connection or you can use Wi-Fi network using same connection, then the unwanted program is in your computer. You should not let it work in the computer and the user should not work in the computer until cleaning the program. This unwanted program sets in the browser and all popular browsers are infected by this program. For this program, you will get advertisement and pop up messages from your computer. You should remove this threat from the computer and get a computer where you can work.
How to remove the unwanted program “the proxy server is refusing connections”? If you have recently installed any program recently, then that program is a main threat and you should remove the program for first. Then you find the files related with unwanted programs and remove the files. You can use adware removal program and you can clean the computer from unwanted program. Now reset the browsers.