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How to remove techbrolo

When a ransomware program runs in your computer, you cannot work with any program or use any file. Because most of the folders and files are encrypted and you cannot open the folder or open any file. You will get a message from the developer of the program for send him a certain amount of money if you want to get back your files and folder. If you want to work in the computer properly without any trouble, you have to give him. However, you must not reponse this message and do not send this money. There is no chance or guarantee that you will get help from the developer after giving him money. The program Techbrolo is an adware program and this program is also serious program. You should not keep running program. You should remove the program in safe mode and you should use an antivirus for cleaning the program. You can use malware removal program for removing the malware from the computer.
Once you have cleaned the computer with the ransomware tool, you should restore the computer or you can use ransomware decrypted application for get all files from the computer. I hope, you will be more secure when you install any application for the computer.