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How to remove tavanero search

When you are redirecting to the site tavanero.info and your browsers setup the tavanero search in the computer, then you should be careful. Your computer is infected by the browser hijacker and it may have come in the computer with bundle application or with any malware program. In this time, you should not work in the computer or you will not get any good performance from the computer what you thought. The browsers do not work well and properly. This program is a threat for all browsers and that is why, you should remove the program from the computer. If you know that how the adware program has come in the computer, then it is good. You should uninstall the application first. Otherwise, the adware program will install in the computer again and again after you have cleaned.
How to remove the adware program from the computer and browsers? You should remove the application or remove the content from the computer. Once you have done these things. You should use an adware removal program and clean the computer with the malware and ccleaner tools. Now you should change the settings from the browsers and you should change the home of the browsers. You may reset the browsers and get quick solution in the computer.