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How to remove syswow64 virus

The virus is a program and this program is not a good program for any computer users. The program syswow64 is an adware program what shows advertisements from the computer and this program shows advertisements as pop up. You should not give this program continue in the computer and you should not work with this adware program in the computer. You need to clean the computer before starting any work in the computer. The adware program can become dangerous if the adware program opens door for hackers. You cannot work in the computer due to the bad performance of the computer for this reason, you should work in the computer for removing the virus from the computer.
You should remove the adware program what is running in the computer. If you know that how the virus has come in the computer, you should remove that thing first. If you do not remove the program first, your computer will be infected by the adware program again and again. Once you have removed the root content and program from the computer, you should use adware removal program and remove the adware from the computer and browsers. Do not forget to reset the browsers after removing adware plugin form the browsers.