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How to remove [email protected]

You should not trust any program and you must install any application. If any ransomware comes in your computer, you will get trouble in the computer in various ways. You should remain secure always and you should not give any chance the hackers to access your computer. If you see the email address [email protected] pop up with any messages, then the ransomware infects the computer. Your computer’s files and folders are encrypted by the program. You cannot work with the file or folder if the files and folders are encrypted. You cannot use your browsers. The ransomware developer ask money from you and tell you to contact with the email address. However, you do not contact with the person and do not pay the developer of the program.
You should remove the program as soon as possible. You can remove the program with an antivirus and running the computer in safe mode. You should scan the computer with the ransomware removal application and you should keep updated all applications what you run in the computer. However, you should restore the computer for getting back all files what are encrypted in the computer. If you cannot restore, then you use ransomware decryption tools what are available for Windows.