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How to remove statcounter.com

If you are redirecting to any site from your browsers and you cannot change the site from the browsers anyway, then your computer is infected by the adware program or malware what is liable for this sudden change in the computer and browsers. If you are redirecting to the site statcounter.com, then your computer infected by the adware program statcounter.com. The program has sets the homepage of the browser statcounter.com and settings of the browsers are changed by this program. You cannot change the settings from the browsers until you remove the adware program from the browser. Even you cannot use the browsers until you fix the problem from the computer.
How to remove the adware program statcounter.com from the computer and browsers? You can remove the program from the root of the adware program. If this program has come in the computer with any application or content, you should uninstall or delete the program first. Once you have removed the content, you should check the browsers. From browsers, you should check the plugins if any adware plugin is found in the computer, you must uninstall the plugin and now reset the browsers. I hope, your adware program is no more in the computer and browser.