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How to remove spidtest

The adware program is a serious program and an adware program generally comes with 3rd party application or from 3rd party sources like websites, USB drives etc. if you are redirected to any site from any browser from your computer, then the browsers and computer are infected by the adware program. The adware program is speedtest but when people want to know about the adware what they get from the browsers, they type spidtest instead of speedtest. However, the adware program is a hijacker and it is a threat for your computer. You can use any secret information in the browsers. If you use anything in the browser, then hackers will get the information through the adware program. You will face different types of problems from your computer and you should keep the computer safe. That is why, you should remove the adware program.
You should remove the source of the adware program. If this program has come with 3rd party application, you need to uninstall the application. If you have downloaded any content, then you should delete the content from the computer. Now you should remove the plugin related with the speedtest and reset the browsers. Now you will get a faster and safer computer.