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How to remove smp2.exe

Many hackers target browsers where you may use credit card information, password or bank information. The program smp2.exe is actually developed for this purposes. This program sets plugins in all popular browsers and controls the browsers. Hackers can know all information what you type in the computer and browsers. You need to fix the problem from the computer if the program smp2.exe is in the computer. You get different problems from the computer if this program runs in the computer. You should fix all issues in the computer related with the program smp2.exe. If you keep this program in the computer, you will face different terrible programs and problems.
How to remove the smp2.exe from the computer? If you cannot manually remove the program from the computer, then you may try to remove the program in safe mode. You should scan the computer with adware and malware program. Finally, you should use ccleaner and antivirus. I hope, your computer is safe now from the program smp2.exe. However, you do not need to keep any unnecessary program in the computer. Do not use any application what you do not know and do not let install any application or plugin in the browsers.