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How to remove smilebox

You may have not seen browser toolbar smilebox in your computer yet. This program is a serious threat for the computer and this program changes the browser setting and home page. It sets different setting and homepage smilebox.com. If you get problem in the computer and browsers and the program smilebox is in the computer, then the program smilebox is mainly responsible for the infection. You should remove the program if you want to work in the computer. The program pass all information from the browsers. You cannot type in the browser what you like if you know the program smilebox is in the computer and browsers.
You should fix the problems from the browsers and computer. That is why, you need to remove all related files from the computer and browsers. If this program has come in the computer with application, then you need to remove that application from the control panel of the computer. If you downloaded any content from any site, then you should remove the content from the computer. Now clean the browser and reset the browsers. If any adware plugin which is connected with the adware program and installed in the browsers, then you remove the plugin and get a safe browsers.