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How to remove shortcut virus

There are some viruses available in many computers and shortcut virus is a common threat what is found many computers. This is an annoying virus. Generally, this virus moves from one computer to another computer by the portable devices. You download unusual contents like porn content, mp3, movies, applications, crack tool or anything from unknown sites, then the many unwanted program may come in the computer. The shortcut virus is an unwanted program. This virus is available 3 different types drive shortcut virus, folder shortcut Virus and file shortcut virus.
You can easily remove the shortcut virus from the computer if you use an antivirus program. For removing the shortcut virus, you will get different types of tools and you can use any of the program or tool what is very easy to use. You can use any good applications for removing the shortcut Virus. You should be careful when you download any program in the computer or transfer any file from one computer to another computer. With the antivirus, you should check all programs in removal drive and check all files what you have in the computer. You can read different articles online to know how to delete the shortcut files from the computer.