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How to remove search lock

The program search lock is considered as an adware program and this program infects the browsers with the add-on or plugin. This program comes in the computer with 3rd party application and you should be careful when you install any application what you do not know. The program makes the computer slower and controls browsers. It sets plugins in all of the browsers and controls browsers. You will get advertises and sponsor advertisements in different ways. You should not trust any application or program. That is why, you should not install any application and if you do this, you need to remove the program first before removing the search lock.
However, you should fix the computer if you want to work in the computer and browser. You can uninstall the application form the control panel and remove the search lock from the browsers. Now reset the browser. You should use ccleaner and remove unnecessary programs from the computer. You should not take any risk and that is why, you should be study before installation of any application. You can use more unwanted removal programs for cleaning the computer from all unwanted programs. Now you do not need to worry about the unwanted program.