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How to remove saplugin.dll

There are several programs may occur in the computer due to the unwanted programs and you do not know that how a program can enter in the computer. That is why, many people use antivirus and different programs what can solve or reduce the problems from the computer but when they get error from the computer of saplugin.dll, then they become more serious. This error comes from the MacAfee Antivirus. You are not getting this messages for any unwanted program. You should not bear any problems what you can solve. You just uninstall the MacAfee program from the computer. If you just uninstall o McAfee SiteAdvisor Software, then the problems should be solved from the computer. You may restart the computer and the problem of saPlugin.dll should be removed. You get the error from the file saPlugin.dll and that is why, you can reinstall the application of McAfee SiteAdvisor Software again, then you may not get the problem.
Due to the malware program, you get this pop up messages and you can solve the problem from the computer by using malware removal program what is available for free. If you have recently installed any malicious application like Privoxy or another application, then remove the application.