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How to remove s4400.exe

The program s4400.exe is detected as malware program and this program is not safe for the computer. You will face different problems in the computer for the malware program s4400.exe. This program may have entered in the computer with applications or any downloaded content. The program is a serious program and this program may make trouble for your computer if the program runs in the computer, then your PC may crash often and you may get BDOS error what is unbearable. You cannot work in the browsers and you will get different unwanted programs from the malware program. The malware program remains hidden and it generally stored in the Windows system 32. However, you should not open attached email what you do not trust. You should scan the computer and attached email with malware and virus removal program.
Now you should fix the computer and you must make a safe zone for working in the computer. You need to restart the computer in safe mode and try to remove the malware program. If you cannot do this, then you may use malware removal program and you must uninstall or remove malicious application if you have installed in the computer. Now you will not face problems in computer.