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How to remove roguejs-techbrolo.c

Windows defender has detected the program roguejs-techbrolo.c as a ransomware and this program can be so serious. Before it becomes so serious if this program is in the computer, you should remove it. When this program is in the computer, then your all files and folders will be encrypted. So, you cannot open any file or folder. Your computer will be started and before restarting the computer, you will get a message from the developer. The developer asks money to give you solution. You should not pay attention on the messages and you should remove the program roguejs-techbrolo.c. You canm easily solve the problem if you use any antivirus which is updated, then you will not face any problem.
All ransomware program is a serious and when you detect the program in the computer, you should remove the ransomware as soon as possible. You run the computer in safe mode and use an antivirus and scan the computer with the antivirus or ransomware removal program. Now restore the computer and your encrypted files should be fixed quick. If you cannot restore the computer, you can use decryption tool what are available for free. Now you should use more tools like ccleaner for cleaning the computer.