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How to remove reghunter similar

Some applications are not trusted but user do not know about the applications. Such programs may be installed by the users of the computer or with the free applications, those applications may be entered in the computer. The reghunter is an application and this application enters in the computer via different free programs. Computer users do not install the application intentionally. It is not developed by any trusted developers and that is why, you are not suggested to remove the application. As the users do not install the application wisely, so the user should let the program run in the computer. The program may act like a spyware what works silently.
The reghunter keeps some files when you uninstall the application and those files may work in the computer silently. However, you should go to control panel and remove the Reghunter from the control panel. Now you should use ccleaner for cleaning the computer and fix the registry from the computer. I think your computer is running safely. Do not install any application what you do not know. If you are installing any free application and the application is not trusted one, then you should be careful. You should check that what are installing with it.