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How to remove rdn-generic.com

If you are redirecting to any site from one browser or from all popular browsers or you are getting pop up advertisements, your computer is not running safely. Your computer is infected by the adware program or browser hijacker. This program is also a spyware what is passing all information from the computer and browsers to the hacker. You should not install any application what you do not know. It is a common way of infection. if you browse any website and the website is adware or malware infected, then you may redirect to some common website and the site rdn-generic.com is an example.
You need to remove the adware program and for this reason, you should use an adware removal program what you will get for free. If you know how the adware program has come in the computer, then you should remove that program first and then check the browsers for the adware plugin. If you get the adware plugin is running in the browsers, you should remove the adware plugin from the browsers. You should reset the browsers and you can work in the computer if you do not face any more trouble in the computer. You may use ccleaner for better result.