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How to remove pup malware

If your computer is infected by any adware or malware program, then you can understand by the behavior of the computer. The program pup malware is also available in different names and if any of the program enters in the computer, you will not get computer safe and secured. You may not run the computer in normal mode. The pup malware comes in the computer with the bundle application or form the site where malware is already infected. That is why, when you install any application or visit any website or download any file from any site, then you should be careful. If you find the file is suspicious, then delete the file or application is unknown, then do not install it.
If you have downloaded any file, then you should remove the file first or if you have installed any application in the computer. You can uninstall the program from the control panel. The program has installed adware plugin in the browser and you should remove the adware plugin from every browser. Now you may reset the browsers and make the computer smooth for running. Now you should use an adware removal program in the computer and clean all infected files from the computer.