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How to remove puawin32-installcore

The program PUA:Win32/InstallCore is an unwanted program and this type of program is dangerous for the computer. The program is detected by the Microsoft Security Essential or Windows Defender. The program puawin32-installcore changes the settings of the browsers and control the browsers. This program sets toolbar and plugin in the browsers. You will get several problems in the computer and browsers for the program PUA:Win32/InstallCore. This program install add-on or plugins in all reputed browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. This program may bring more threats for your computer and you will find the computer untrusted. You should not keep the program in the computer and you should not install any application or browse any unknown site what you do not know.
It is easy to remove the program PUA:Win32/InstallCore from the computer if you clean the computer and delete the files related with the program. You need to uninstall or delete the files from the computer related with the program PUA:Win32/InstallCore. Now you should reset the browsers and remove the plugin related with the program. You should scan the computer with virus and adware removal program. However, you have nothing to worry if you have cleaned the computer properly.