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How to remove poll.driversupport.com

There are many adware programs available and the adware program poll.driversupport.com is also such type of program what is developed for the Windows computer. The adware program control browsers and get all information from the browsers. For this reason, you cannot work in the computer and browsers. This program replaces the homepage and search engine from the browsers. This program install plugins in all browsers and takes control all browsers. What information you use in the browser pass to the hackers or developers of the program. This program is not only bad for browsers but also but also bad for computer.
You need to remove the program from the computer and for this reason, you should uninstall the 3rd party application from the computer and you will do this from the program feature. Once you have uninstalled the program, you need tore move the plugin from the browsers. The plugin is install in all the browsers. Once you have uninstalled the plugins from all browsers, then you should reset the browsers and you will get all browsers are working perfectly. You will not face any trouble in the computer and browsers. You should always be careful when you install any application or browse sites.