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How to remove pokki virus

You should know what you install and what you browse. There are many applications and websites what are not considered safe and secured. The program pokki virus is unwanted program and if this program infects the computer, then it becomes terrible problem for the computer and browsers. This program change the browsers setting and many things in the browsers. That is why, this program is also known as browser modifier. This program install in the computer with 3rd party applications and takes control your computer. This is a malware type of program but act like an adware also. So, you cannot manage the program.
You should remove the program from the computer if you want to make the computer and browser running smoothly. You need to remove the freeware or shareware application from the computer. You will do this from the program feature for Windows 8 or Windows 10. For the Windows 7 or for lower version, you need to go to control panel and go to add or remove program. Now select the 3rd party program. Now go to browsers to browsers and remove the plugin of pokki. Do not forget to reset the browsers and you need to scan the computer with an adware program.