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How to remove planet49

Adware program is not a small threat for the computer. The adware program may damage your computer seriously and your secret information may leak easily by the adware program. Adware program is also known as browser hijacker and the program planet49 is also a browser hijacker. You may get advertisements as pop up on the browser and you should solve the program from the computer if you want to get a browser where you can use all information what you need to do. You will be redirected to the advertisement sites and do not click on any advertisement or download any content or give any update from the site. You may download false program what may be used by the hacker and the program may help to hack your computer.
You should uninstall the application if the program has come with the 3rd party program. You need to reset the browser and clean temporary files from the browser and computer. You should not use any old application for cleaning the computer. There are many adware removal programs available for free and you can use any of the program. However, you should use ccleaner and remove unnecessary files from the computer and browser. Now you will not face any problem.