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How to remove paycrypt

No ransomware program is good for computer and you will like the program in the computer. There are many encrypted or ransomware program available in different names and Paycrypt is one of those. If this ransomware infects in your computer, then you cannot work in the computer. Because all files are encrypted. The program uses different encrypted system what encrypt your data, files and folder. So, you cannot run the computer properly and you cannot open any file or folder in the computer in normal mode. You should clean the computer and make a working environment in the computer for working. The program asks you to send money to a certain amount to bitcoin account and you may get an email or phone number.
There are many applications what you can use for removing the Paycrypt. You should remove the Paycrypt with such tool and to this you have to restart the computer in safe mode. Now scan the computer. However, thise tool will remove the program but now you have to unlock the encrypted files by Paycrypt Ransomware. You will get many such tool and you can use any of the tool. Those unlocking tools are developed by Panda and Trend Pc cillin. You may use both of those tool if one does not work properly.