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How to remove palthru.com

When you are redirecting to the site palthru.com from your browsers from your computer, then your PC is infected by the adware like palthru. The adware program palthru will redirect you to the site. The program is a threat for browsers. Because all information from the browsers will be redirected to the developer of the program. If you want to get a place where you want to work properly, then you should clean the computer and make the computer perfect for working. Due to the program palthru, you cannot work in the computer due to the slow performance. The browsers will work properly and the browsers will crash often due to the adware program palthru.
The adware program palthru is a serious program and if you want to remove the program from your computer, you need to remove the application what is mainly accountable for the infection. If the program has come with the 3rdp party application then uninstall the application or you have downloaded any file from any site, then delete the files. You can use adware removal program and removed infected files and viruses. You should use antivirus what is real time protected and thus you may get a fresh working PC.