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How to remove not set ads

When you are getting advertisement from your computer and your browsers are not performing well enough, then your computer is infected by any unwanted program. The adware program is a common threat and this program may come from any website where the adware or malware is stored. If you see advertisement “Ads by not set ads”, then your computer is infected by the adware program. However, this adware program is very serious like any other adware program and if you do not remove the adware program from the computer, then you cannot use browsers too. Because the adware program sets plugins sometimes for collecting information from the browsers. It remains in the browser cookies and you cannot work in the computer or browsers properly if the program is not removed. Performance of the computer and browser will go down. All browsers can be infected by the adware program.
How to remove not set ads from the computer and make the browsers free from advertisements? You should use adware removal application to use after removing the adware related application and content. If you use adware removal program, then you may clean browser and you should remove the adware plugins from all popular browsers. Thus you can make the computer smoother.