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How to remove nonblock net

When you find any change in your browser and computer, then you PC may have been infected by any unwanted program. When you search online of unwanted programs, then you will get tens of thousands of unwanted programs in different names. However, when you see your browsers are redirecting to the site nonblock.net, then your browsers are infected by the unwanted program nonblock.net. You cannot work in the computer and browser with the nonblock.net. You will get several problems due to the nonblock.net and for the program nonblock.net, you may get more problems in future. Your browsers will crash often and you may get false notice and get error from the computer.
You need to remove the nonblock.net program. Usually, unwanted programs come in the computer with bundle application or from websites. You need to uninstall the unwanted program from the computer and use an adware program removal program. You will get free adware removal program online and you can use any of the program for scanning and cleaning the computer from adware. Once you have removed the unwanted program nonblock.net from the computer and browsers. You should reset the browsers. You may use CCleaner application for removing unwanted files from the computer.