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How to remove [email protected]

A ransomware is more than a virus and adware program. If your computer is infected by any ransomware, then you cannot open any file or folder. So, you cannot work in the computer. You will get various troubles in the computer. You will get message with the email address [email protected] and your PC may restart. So, you cannot run the PC for longer in normal mode. You will get The message often when you run the computer in normal mode. If you want to solve the problem from the computer, then you need to restart the computer in safe mode and thus you can take necessary step for solve the problem.
You should use an application what can remove the ransomware program from the computer. You can use any popular antivirus for removing the program. In safe mode, you run the ransomware removal application and clean the computer. Now you should remove the program what is mainly cause of the ransomware infection in the computer. Your computer’s all files are encrypted and you should decrypt all files and folder. There are many free decrypter programs available online. You can download any of the program and decrypt or unlock all files from the computer. You may enjoy secured and safe computer.