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How to remove myimageconverter

With many applications, many harmful programs may enter in the computer. Toolbars can be harmful for the computer. The program myimageconverter is also a toolbar and this toolbar installs in the browsers with the 3rd party programs. When this program installs in the computer, then it may show you any information. From your browsers, you will get several advertisements. This program will control all browsers and you may see home.tb.ask.com home page of the browsers. The default search engine and home will be replaced by the toolbar myimageconverter and you will face several problems in the computer due to the infection.
The performance of the computer will go down for the program. You need to remove the program myimageconverte and you need to uninstall the myimageconverte application. You go to the program feature or add or remove program from the control panel. Once you have uninstalled the program and you need to remove the myimageconverte toolbar from the browsers. Now reset the browsers and change the settings from the browsers. You should set the homepage and search engine form the browsers. Once you have removed and set all settings form the browsers, you will get a anxiety free computer and browsers.