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How to remove my maps wizard

The program My Maps Wizard is an unwanted program and it is a threat for Windows computer. This program may come in the computer as helpful functions but you should believe on it. Once you have install this program in the computer, it starts working aversely. This program controls browsers by using extension. The main purpose of this application My Maps Wizard is the installing of malicious extensions on your web browsers. Thus, this program will track your information from cookies. Your credit card, password or personal data will be transferred to the hackers or developers. You should remove the program immediately from the computer.
When you install any application in the computer, then you should know about the program and developer. However, you need to remove the program now and that is why, you need to uninstall the My Maps Wizard application from the computer. Once you have done this, you need to remove the My Maps Wizard plugin or extension from the browsers. Now reset the browsers and you will get a nice working browsers and computer what is perfect your work. You should adware and malware removal applications and active real time protection for saving the computer.