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How to remove music.ui.exe pop up

Multiple unwanted programs may infect in our computer if we do not remain careful. It is common that adware program may kill our computer if we do not try to remove it and keep it in the computer. When you install 3rd party unknown applications, then it is possible that adware or any other adware program may come in the computer. The program music.ui.exe pop up is an adware program and when you will get pop up advertisement, then the computer is infected due to the adware program. Due to the use of the music.ui.exe program. the adware program installs in the computer. However, the adware program hijack browsers by installing browser plugin in the browsers.
Some people think that the adware program is harmful for the browsers only but it is not true. The Adware program can be harmful for your computer and for you. If this program is in your computer and within short time, it may open passage for hackers. When you click on any advertisement, then it may bring more unwanted program and from your browser it may send privacy. Now uninstall the 3rd party application from the computer and remove plugin from the browsers. You should scan the computer with an adware removal program.